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The Golden Residence Permit allows you unlimited and borderless travel to all Schengen Protocol member countries.
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residence permit

Came into force last October 2012, a new amendment to immigration legislation in Portugal creating the ARI, the Residence Permit for Investment, a fast procedure, reduced bureaucracy, designed to attract investment to the country.
02Unrestricted Access
The unrestricted access to the bearer of this new authorization to continental European countries members of the Schengen Protocol.
No obligation of residence in Portugal. The investor will just have to stay in Portugal 7 days in the first year and 14 days in the following periods of two years. The presence can be interpolated.
Access to access systems of Education and Health;
Residence in Europe also for your family;
Possibility of granting citizenship and passport after six years.

residence permit

To obtain a Golden Residence Permit, key access to Europe, the applicant must carry out one of the following investments, during the period of the residence permit:

• Acquisition of a property of at least 350.000€ (this value can be realized through the purchase of various properties)

• Financial investments/ Bank deposits in Portugal of minimum 1M€

• Creation of 10 working places

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